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The Black Hills' Favorite Haunted Attractions Are Back
Friday the 13th!

Please Note: To reduce wait times, all tickets are now sold in specific time blocks. Please verify your time block before making your purchase. All sales are final. Also, based on traffic in previous years, we expect to sell out most of the time blocks. For these two reasons, it is highly recommended to book your tickets online. (We do not charge any extra fees to book online.)

Three Haunted Attractions - One Great Price

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Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays — October 13-15, 20-22 and 27-29.
(See ticket office section for lineup times and prices.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to overwhelming demand, we are selling tickets in time blocks to help optimize lines and reduce wait times. It worked very well last year, and we expect it will again this year. Only a certain number of tickets will be sold in each time block. As such, we are encouraging everyone to buy their tickets online (with no additional service charges) to guarantee they get a ticket.

Single-attraction tickets may be available at NightmERAS at the Keystone Schoolhouse Museum on a standby basis.

tl;dr – Don’t risk it! Buy your ticket online.

Great question! You will be wandering through a cave with uneven floors, an old mill with steep stairs, a gold mine with low, rocky ceilings, a dark forest and a 124-year-old schoolhouse. At minimum, it is a very good idea to wear sturdy, rubber-soled shoes. It’s also beneficial not to wear anything that can get easily tangled or snagged — but hey, if you want to make it easier for the monsters to get you, be our guest!


Haunted Holidays inside Rushmore Cave winds its way through several natural levels of the cave.

Wicked Wonderland at Big Thunder Gold Mine & Forest has stairs leading from the bottom of the old mill to the top, as well as uneven forest paths.

NightmERAS at the Keystone Schoolhouse Museum makes its way up and down through three stories.

By popular demand, the Haunted Forest has indeed returned. It has been incorporated into the Wicked Wonderland attraction at Big Thunder Gold Mine.

We have adopted dynamic pricing to help balance demand for the most popular nights with the less-busy ones.

Hey, you pay for your kids’ therapy bills, not us. We don’t set a minimum age because you know best what your kids can and cannot handle. That said, our content can be very gruesome, so we recommend strong parental discretion for ages 12 and under.

Wellll… Actually, if you read the terms and conditions very carefully, you will note that you are agreeing not to touch the actors — not the other way around. We will keep any touching appropriate (no chests, groins, butts, etc.), but yes, you may get touched at some point in your tour. (If inappropriate touching should ever occur, we kindly ask that you notify a staff member, security officer or law enforcement right away so we can address the issue.)

If you are pregnant, have a history of heart problems or other medical condition which may be aggravated by high levels of fog, fear, climbing stairs, crawling, uneven ground, or sudden startles, The Haunting of Keystone may not be for you. However, if you live on adrenaline and/or enjoy a good scare, please come visit us!

No, there is not. Please ensure you have adequate transportation.

A portion of every dollar raised goes toward maintaining the Keystone Victorian Schoolhouse which turns 123 this year. Built in 1899, it served as Keystone’s full-time school until 1988. Now used as a museum, it houses early day mining tools, historic pictures and photo collections, rock and mineral collections, and historic displays including Carrie Ingalls memorabilia. (Read more here.) We also provide support to other local civic organizations.

Great! Shoot us an email at and we’ll work to find a way to accommodate your group.

Haunting of Keystone Ticket Office

Ticket bundles include one ticket to each of the three haunted attractions.

Note: NightmERAS at the Keystone Schoolhouse Museum will have a number of single tickets available each evening at the door on a standby basis. Due to the nature of these tickets, we cannot guarantee their availability, but will do our best to get everyone through.

Wicked Wonderland (at Big Thunder Gold Mine) and NightmERAS (at the Keystone Schoolhouse Museum) also have some reservable single tickets available for each night.

Sponsors of the 2023 Haunting of Keystone include:

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